5 Ways AC Tune Ups Can Save You Money

Getting a professional AC tune up saves you money in a number of ways. An AC system that is not properly maintained will, like any complicated piece of equipment, begin to operate inefficiently. An inefficient system uses more electricity without maintaining the desired room temperature. Here are 5 ways regular AC tune ups can save you money.

  1. Longer Life

AC systems work every day. Parts wear out and break down. Electrical connectors go rusty, and the moving parts wear out. A well-maintained system is not as likely to suffer catastrophic failure. Having an annual or biannual tune up to keep parts working properly will cost much less than replacing the air handler or the condenser unit.

  1. Improved Performance

Part of an AC tune up will include inspecting and, if needed, adjusting the blower units. Poorly adjusted units can work at up to 15% below standard. That adds to the daily cost of the utilities.

  1. Correct Refrigerant Level

The refrigerant in the condenser unit evaporates over time. The coils through which the refrigerant flows can leak. Your AC technician will check for leaks and refrigerant level. Both are simple to correct, and the correction will bring performance levels up and take electricity costs down.

  1. Accurate Thermostat Reading

The thermostat can go out of sync. The temperature on the screen may not be the temperature that governs when the cool air cycles on and off. If the thermostat continually registers a higher temperature than the actual room temperature, the unit will cycle on before it should. Inefficient AC systems run longer and more frequently. The result is that it drives up electricity costs. If the unit runs more than it needs, the sooner a major part will fail and have to be replaced.

  1. Reduce Drain Pan Rust

AC systems generate condensation. The condensed water drains into the drain pan and evaporates away. If the AC tune up is not done, the drain can become blocked. The blockage will result in a buildup of mold, and the stagnant water will cause the pan to rust. Rusty pans have to be replaced.

AC tune ups keep the system working efficiently, and they prolong the life of expensive units. It pays to get that tune up.